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At Fort Converse, it is usual to have three days and nights of rain without intermission. The women customarily retreat into the parlor to escape the dreary mists and thunder showers. They play cribbage or Rebecca treats everyone to a party piece of "The Little Chatterbox Mazurka" on the piano forte. Janie gives reading lessons to her cousin and she herself takes Latin lessons as she is compelled to classify plants. If you were to visit Janie's upstairs room, a place where she is fond of listening to the wind in the trees, you would find a decorator ceiling of sea shells and would discover that she keeps animals in the room - both domestic and wild. On good hair days, the women sometimes have a tea party in the formal garden assisted by servants from the Sandwich Islands. Sometimes even Robert needs relief from Jane's sass and backtalk and he retreats to the men's lounge in the Officer's Quarters where he jaws with the visitors passing through the fort.
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