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You have arrived on the author page for Lotus Landry. She was a native of the Pacific Northwest and she experienced the region's notoriously somber weather and swam in its big river, the setting of her first novel. She even witnessed Indians spear fishing at Celilo Falls - a way of life that disappeared with the arrival of hydroelectric power of Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River.

Her first book is a speculative history of the 1830's which romanticizes fur trappers whereas her second novel is set in modern Orange County, California and is a chick-lit mystery with a humorous flair. The two female protagonists support themselves by cage fighting and managing social reputations.
Lotus found her voice yet a third time in the story about the animal spirits of Parker the rabbit. You judge whether the fable is intended for children or for adults.

Lotus is currently converting her garden into a mixture of downsized and artificial foliage in anticipation of water shortages in the Southwest. She also has to contend with urban coyotes who are doing population control upon the domestic animals in the Los Angeles basin. She is always looking for a parking place. Look for all of Lotus' bulletin boards on Pinterest.
If you try the questions at the bottom of the page, you will become the 'skookum' expert of your neighborhood. This is guaranteed!

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There is a saying,"Heaven will protect the Working Girl". In the cozy mystery, two women have teamed up for self protection and for mutual emotional support. They have recently moved into a Southern California neighborhood run by a Homeowner's Association. Christine hunts for her missing uncle on the internet as she tries to figure out why he associated with a Vampire rock band. Helga, a practicing cage fighter, plays Watson to Christine's Holmes.

The remarkable rabbit named 'Parker' is simultaeously a CEO, a standup comedian, a host of drum circles, and a publisher of a gossip animal tabloid. This is a child's story taken to another level.
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Are you a Skookum Man, per chance? photos from Life Magazine 1955
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